DOMINICANA by Angie Cruz

This book is so good and easy to read. Simple sentences, short chapters. All about a fifteen-year-old (based on the author’s mother) who gets married off to this dude who is also Dominican but who has moved to the US in the past few years and made a lil money. He mostly wanted part of her father’s land to build on. Anyway, Dominicana follows Ana getting courted and married in DR, then immediately moving to NYC in the winter. There, she cooks and cleans a lot, gets cheated on often, gets pregnant right away.

Though she pretends to love the husband for the sake of her survival and the promise of visas to her family, Ana’s story is still about how she shows loves–her devotion to her family, her falling in love with her brother in law, her connection to her baby. During this transformative year, she learns better how to love herself too. Angie Cruz writes at the end that her mother wondered why people would want to read her story because it was so regular, but it’s really not. Well, it is. But we don’t often read from their perspective.

Best line: “I turn my back to him. Can’t he see I don’t want to be touched? Can’t he see I’m no longer his?”

-Rachel Wagner

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