One random hour without my kid

When that car door closed with my kid inside and I walked away, I was so relieved to be alone that I almost didn’t want to hit up this guy who had been trying hard to see me. And he’s nice. Still when I got inside I was like yea I could just chill this whole time by myself and be satisfied. I could smoke and then work on some writing. Or I could read. I could do all that in this amount of time. Then I was like okay nevermind let me do what I said I was going to do. So I–

  • Hit up the guy to chill for a lil bit. Then he left.
  • Then my mother called and we talked about whatever was going on in her life. This was a rare occurrence where I didn’t have my son and she didn’t have my son. Usually he’s in one of our backgrounds or is the one on the phone. But anyway yea I let her talk for a while but was losing connection to facetime by the time I got outside.
  • I came out there to give my niece an umbrella. I thought she was going to be right there. But it was raining pretty hard so I jumped in the car like okay let me just give her a ride. Gave her a ride. Gave her an umbrella.
  • Went home, rolled up, and she called needing a ride back. Something happened. So I came back to get her, dropped her off back home.
  • Got the text that they were on the way.
  • Drove around the corner back home and sparked up.


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