STAG’S LEAP by Sharon Olds

I’ve read this book a couple times before, but I always like this kind of narrative heartbroken poetry and Sharon Olds is so thoughtful. Stag’s Leap all about her divorce. It follows the seasons directly following it and also a few years down the line. How she deals with the sadness. How she looks at her life without him. How she re-envisions their history together. The first few pieces are especially sad. She finds out he wants to end things with her after decades together and that he met someone else too on top of that, someone he works with. She has to find a way to explain it to the kids and her mother all while still in shock and awe of the news herself. It’s real life tho, and she learns to live with it.

Best line: “Now I come to look at love in a new way, now that I know I’m not standing in its light.”

-Rachel Wagner 2020

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