My son picked this book for me on my birthday because he liked the butterflies on the cover. I honored his gift to me by reading it, but I really didn’t like it lol. It’s about a woman who grew up with her aunt and her husband and child because her mother was taken to a mental institution when she was eight. It follows her journey from Portland to LA back and forth flipping between childhood and adulthood. The real “thing” that happens is the main character struggles with her own mental state. She gets cleared from doctors saying she doesn’t have what her mother has, but she’s still paranoid about the ways her lived experiences don’t always align with reality. I think this would have been better as a short story not a full-length novel.

Best line: “A gift from her own mother, invisible to them both.”

-Rachel Wagner 2020


  1. I encourage you to be open to any and all gifts… Especially from your own seed. lol Anyways, there is a definite lesson in the book/story that despite liking it, it may have actual validity in your life and life’s journey. 😉 Gotta love Izzy!!! He’s a GIFTed one.


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