Almost Single by Advaita Kala

This is a cool, casual book. It’s written from the perspective of Aisha, a woman who wants to fall in love instead of just getting married for the sake of it. Everyone around her tho is pressuring her to settle down. She works at a high-end hotel in New Delhi and does meet someone while on the job. Then she wonders for a while if he’s the right guy. Pretty standard romance plot. But Aisha is cool. She wears Jackie O shades during dinner with the guy to hide bags under her eyes. She’s fun.

Best line: “I love shoes. No matter what weight, height, age, or stage of life you are in, your shoe size never changes. Shoes truly emancipate women. They don’t care what you had for dinner last night, or even for the last five years, they still fit.

-Rachel Wagner 2021


  1. Dope line and better analogy. #shoelife I see that this book is in the read or die category… Well, I don’t necessarily want to die, so… lol Thanks for suggested reading. Never a disappointment.

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