Another day 3


  • Even when I go to think in Spanish, I’m like, “él nunca me amó.”
  • Oh yea I’m re-teaching myself Spanish right now. It’s cool.
  • Good thing I went to grad school.
  • I can’t afford that…… emotionally….
  • Quiero un novio que es un amigo, no un amigo que es un novio.
  • Having to beg for romantic gestures is not romantic.
  • Tho at least it’s a step above begging for affection.
  • Anyway people know what to do.
  • Nobody:
    Me all day long: *humming “In a Sentimental Mood”*
  • Took a long walk in the woods today alone. Looked at a creek. Looked at a tree bent over dipping its branches in a lake. Looked at my boots as I stepped across mud.
  • I was on twitter 4 two seconds a few years back when I was writing for Book Riot. I did a piece right before xmas about book wishlists curated by imprisoned people. I was saying pretty much donate here, pay for specific books, whatever. So I shared it on twitter, and a person who’s a somebody in the abolition world liked/retweeted it. Then a lil while later, they unliked/unretweeted and made a post of their own for people who want links to donate books like, here are some: [link] [link] [link]. I didn’t mind much because it really only mattered that those people got their books. Not like I was getting paid to write that piece. Not like I was anyone on twitter either. That was like my third post. But I see stuff like that and am like, yea I’m good.
  • First they love you then they switch -nicki
  • Wrote a good poem today.
  • In a sentimental moooooood
  • En un modo sentimentalmente

-Rachel Wagner 2021

Other relevant pieces I wrote: Another day 11/9/20 & Self soothing is 4 suckers & Someone to like & Healing is such a process lol

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