Another day 4


  • Existo en teroria.
  • If you’ve read all my Instagram stories from the beginning (about a year ago), then you’ve read over 100 pages of mine lol.
  • Finished transcribing them all onto a word doc the other day. Not sure what to do with that yet.
  • One night I think two summers ago I didn’t have my son and was on my way out the door and a couple of his friends were in the front asking if they could borrow one of his toys for the night, so I let them use a guitar and a bike. Their mother was laughing like, Rachel you’re a sucker. Lol for kids yea…..
  • I broke that guitar today by accident.
  • I am an absolute mess in the pre-semester season.
  • Still need to fix up my syllabus.
  • What I’m dreading most is going back to teaching during my son’s class. You really gotta sit there with them for remote kindergarten to be most effective.
  • Nevertheless, I ordered a new pair of shoes today.
  • Play it cool that’s the old school rule man. Keep ya ear to the street you’ll never lose man. -nas
  • Talking about commercials on youtube, and my son said, “youtube is a commercial.”
  • True.
  • I gave my dad a book for xmas, and it’s the first book he’s read in 50 years he said. Cool.
  • The book is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

-Rachel Wagner 2021

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