Another day 5


  • My son made a black power poster today for school. It’s so good lol. He traced around his fist like you would do to the turkey hand for thanksgiving. Then he colored the whole thing in black marker. Nice.
  • He loves Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Imagine being satisfied with biden and kamala lol.
  • Wrote something for Fck Prison today.
  • I don’t need ya bitch I do numbers with my wrist -kodak
  • Are my shoes here yet?
  • Wow my school’s library doesn’t want to buy physical books cuz of corona. You have to tell them why you can’t just use an ebook.
  • Cuz I hate ebooks.
  • Just forget it. Buy my own damn books.
  • Two in English, dos en Español.
  • Y también compré un libro para mi hijo sobre MLK.


  • I wish people would stop saying they want 2k from biden and start saying they want 1k/month indefinitely. Plus backpay for this past year.


  • You asking me what you did wrong and we both know… yea you trying to gaslight me…
  • Woke up this morning TIRED… like what was the point of the past 8 hours?
  • Still ran tho.
  • If you’re not sweet you’re not for me… and I’m sweet so I can say that…
  • I used to feel sad with a sense of loss. Something missing. Now it’s more of a lack. Empty. Nothing was ever there.
  • You just fuckin around I’m puffin the pound by myself I don’t need no body else I need HELP, shit -wayne
  • Cuz I inspire and you expired -takeoff
  • The bourgeoisie has no right to exist. -Milan Kundera
  • I don’t need likes I need readers lol.
  • I am not a professor I just do that shit cuz I gotta feed my fuckin seed.
  • “Well that makes you stupid AND ugly” -lol Emperor’s New Groove is still mad funny

-Rachel Wagner 2021

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