Another day 6


  • Repressed men love me


  • Semester hasn’t even started and there are 4 corona cases on campus for spring 2021
  • And they say I’m an essential worker… yea ok…


  • Reading The World is Moving Around Me
  • The earthquake attacked what was hard, solid, what could resist it. The concrete fell. The flowers survived. -Dany Laferriere
  • You can hide from the wind or even from fire, but not from the earth that moves beneath your feet. – Dany Laferriere
  • The radio announced that the Presidential Palace has been destroyed. The taxation and pension office, destroyed. The courthouse, destroyed. Stores, crumbled. The communication network, destroyed. Prisoners on the streets. For one night, the revolution had come. -Dany Laferriere
  • You have to be really desperate to accept the contempt that others have for you. -Dany Laferriere


  • Somebody ask my ex why’d he do that to me. He’ll know what you’re talking about.
  • Why do that to anyone really.
  • Started teaching again today. Learned that I need to keep my room door closed and just let my son figure his stuff out on his own during that time.
  • There are so many books I want to read.
  • If I don’t answer, I must be with a dude. If I do answer and gotta hang up cuz I’m working, I wasted one of his two calls. Boy fuck you lol.
  • If you can’t hang then find ya way from round me -wayne
  • People will say yea lil wayne got nice when he started doing drugs and mixtapes and shit… like I’m sorry that you never heard Tha Block is Hot or 500 Degrees.
  • No me necesita un amigo. Yo soy bien. Quiero amor.


  • Sleep if you want
  • This guy at the store was like “don’t run ya fingers through ya hair like that” I was like why not he’s like “cuz I want to” lol
  • Romantic gestures. Do like.


  • Currently dying from a migraine in case anyone was wondering

-Rachel Wagner 2021

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