I got this book today for my niece’s birthday. She’s young so I thought to get her manga because it’s different and fun. It’s like reading a comic book that is more sturdy in your hand. Anyway, I saw the cover and title and skimmed around. Decided to get it because it seemed to have nothing to do with sex or death or anything while also not being baby-ish.

I read it just now tho to make sure, and it’s really cute. Honestly I’d read more from this series myself. Komi is someone who looks mad good but can barely speak. So people think she’s being cool calm and collected by being so quiet, but she’s really actually nervous. So this kid Tadano in her class notices how shy she is and starts helping her make friends.

Best line: “How can I start a conversation? Then what happens? What if they reject me? What’s the next conversation?”

-Rachel Wagner 2021

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