Another day 12

Sunday 3/7/2021

  • Started to read a new Spanish book this morning that’s like a regular adult book and it was too hard lol. Less than 20 pages in I was like ok let me go buy a YA book in Spanish real quick.
  • Just read this manga called Komi Can’t Communicate. It was really cute.
  • No hay muchos hombres buenos… ¿por que es eso?

Monday 3/8/2021

  • I don’t like work no matter what job I have I don’t like it. I’ll never be happy with a job. I want to be free to study and write all the time. I don’t want to work.
  • Tho I guess I do feel some amount of responsibility to give back what I learn and what I’ve learned. It’s just a lot of work that I… don’t wanna do lol.

Tuesday 3/9/2021

  • Watched The Brave Little Toaster today with my son. It was really cute.

Wednesday 3/10/2021

  • Lately I’ve been waking up tired even if I get a full night sleep smh. I think I don’t sleep deeply for long periods of time.
  • Puede que sea joven, pero no soy tonta. -Erika Sánchez
  • Nadie como tú
  • This dude today saw my son and was like “you made a beautiful baby.” Thank you, you see the vision.
  • A student said I made them more confident to speak up in class. Nice.
  • Another said my class is less uptight than others lol.
  • Wine time

Thursday 3/11/2021

  • I do other things. I don’t do what ya’ll do. I just do what I do.
  • This woman today was like I’m not a lesbian at all but let me touch you real quick… lol
  • Couple hours later my other neighbor was like “you know if I was straight I’d be all over you”… 😊
  • Today was cool 4 the most part.

Friday 3/12/2021

  • “Okay you lookin like a model”
    Thank you.
    “Can I take a pic with you? My Instagram gon go crazy.”
  • Reading Yo No Soy Tu Perfecta Hija Mexicana outside right now.
  • It’s kinda crazy to me that I can read a book in Spanish and know what’s going on.
  • Gotta read slower than usual, but it’s cool.
  • The power that just a lil bit of weed has…
  • Today I spoke a lil Spanish ate a few tacos watched kids play read a while…
  • Plus some other stuff I guess.

Saturday 3/13/2021

  • ¿Cuando encontraré a alguien que realmente me gusta? Tal vez nunca. -Erika Sánchez
  • It’s a must they understand that I’m untamed brother disconnect a boy like a damn changed number uhh hang up and try again I’ll kill ya wake ya up and make ya die again. -Wayne!!!!!!!

-Rachel Wagner 2021

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