Read or Die x Ten Dollar Books

Read or Die came first. I’ve been keeping this lil book blog about the books I’m reading since 2017. My first post was about The Prada Plan 5 by Ashley. Then in 2019, I put out my first book, titled Back Like I Never Left, and I was selling it at Military Park for $10. That’s where my online bookstore Ten Dollar Books came from. I put out more books and then just started selling books in general.

This past weekend, I started a Youtube channel that mashes both of those projects together in a way. It’s more so associated with the Ten Dollar Books, but all the episodes spotlight books that I know and love and that are available on that site and likely wrote about on here before. So yea. Check out the first two videos below on prison abolition and self-discovery (captions are available too):

-Rachel Wagner 2021

My original Read or Die posts for these books: Are Prisons Obsolete? & The Idiot

My books: Jacob’s Hip: Poems & FEM: New Millennium Beauty & Fashion & Abandonment Issues: Alive in New Jersey & Back Like I Never Left: Dating as a Single Mother

My bookstore: Ten Dollar Books & Youtube

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