Another day 13

Sunday 3/14/2021

  • Dumbass day lights savings
  • Woke up at 10am, cleaned, coffee, read, wrote, smoked, chilled. Feel like I didn’t do much today, but maybe I did.

Monday 3/15/2021

  • Persevering out of spite & out of habit & out of cultural values
  • Time is weird
  • Saw a junkie walking around in a short sleeve mini dress… now you know I pulled over and gave her a hoodie…
  • Wine o’clock

Tuesday 3/16/2021

  • Headache as usual
  • Drinking a glass wine anyway

Wednesday 3/17/2021

  • Part of me wants to disappear without a trace… part of me wants to vent about how people will harm you, not apologize, and still try to be fake-cool with you and I don’t like that… part of me is thankful that I have a meaningful job, another part is resentful about how intellectually draining my job is… suffice to say I have many parts!!!
  • Had a migraine all last night and all day today… tutored an ESL student this morning and was on his ass about getting more confident writing in English (he can speak it but is too shy to write)… this afternoon I tore apart a bunch of my student’s drafts… also made my son read a book about dragons… then I read some Angela Davis…
  • Still waiting for my son to fall asleep now… gotta do a lil preparation for teaching in the morning… this is the life I chose apparently!!!
  • American exceptionalism literally makes my skin crawl right off my body.

Thursday 3/18/2021

  • Finished Are Prisoned Obsolete? today
  • I really do wonder about the title of that book. Why ask it as a question? It makes it seem like the book will be about her wondering that question instead of it being something she knows already is true before even writing the book. Maybe that invites skeptics into the book more so than if it were called Prisons are Obsolete. I don’t know.
  • Added more books to my bookstore’s site today

Friday 3/19/2021

  • A new day
  • I want an orgasm. -Togame
  • Sitting in a stylish café… having a fancy desert… I can suppress my sexual cravings in peace. -Togame is mad funny lol
  • Just finished Secretly I’ve been Suffering About being Sexless
  • Now back to Yo No Soy Tu Perfecta Hija Mexicana
  • Cold as hell outside for no reason
  • Runnin round talkin this and talkin that, see me in the street try to give me dap… got me fucked up in the game -Shyne
  • My son says yeet now lol thanks a lot youtube
  • Big: Were you really giving the caterer a blowjob?
    Carrie: First of all, he’s not a caterer. He’s a well-known performance artist.

Saturday 3/20/2021

  • I’m going to tell it like it is. I hope you can take it like it is. -Malcolm X
  • Today was cool. Got some good ideas.

-Rachel Wagner 2021

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My books: Jacob’s Hip: Poems & FEM: New Millennium Beauty & Fashion & Abandonment Issues: Alive in New Jersey & Back Like I Never Left: Dating as a Single Mother

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One comment

  1. The wondrous week journaling by R. [S]WAGner! Colorfully enthralling I must say.
    Your memoir should have chapter break excerpts in this format. It truly works for you!!!


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