Another day 14

Sunday 3/21/2021

  • They ask 4 silver & gold, but I ask 4 love -Barrington Levy
  • A veces la naturaleza me hace sentir mejor, más humana, como si estuviera conectada con todo y con todos. Otras, quiero acostarme bajo en árbol y disolverme en la tierra para siempre. -Erika Sánchez
  • Being able to communicate in Spanish with the seamstress 😊
  • Somebody has a destroyed iPhone sitting outside their apartment door right now smh.
  • Started a Youtube channel today for Ten Dollar Books.
  • Also put out a couple pieces on my blog too about sexy shoes and sexlessness.

Monday 3/22/2021

  • Reading in Spanish is fun and it’s crazy to me that I can even read a Spanish book, but it really requires a different level of attention to focus and get through each sentence.
  • My son learned how to text and send voice messages today. It was really cute.

Tuesday 3/23/2021

  • Taught part of John Berger’s Ways of Seeing today. Such a powerful documentary.
  • Well really I was teaching a piece that uses Berger to analyze Instagram, but understanding that piece relied upon knowing Berger’s piece so I taught both.
  • Also chilled outside today cuz it was 65 degrees. Watched kids play. Read. Had shrimp and rice. Came home. Made macaroni and cheese. Watched Shrek. Cleaned up. Watched more Ways of Seeing. Went to sleep.

Wednesday 3/24/2021

  • Working with students is hard but can be fulfilling.
  • “You dressed up for me or this just how you dress?”
    Just how I dress.
  • I cringe thinking about some of the people I let near me.
  • That’s that line: You don’t have a memory, your memory has you (Otsby).
  • Thoughts come to your mind whether you want them to or not.

Thursday 3/25/2021

  • Sitting outside reading again. Different book this time cuz I want to get through Where We Stand before next week so I can theoretically go to this virtual book club meeting.
  • If you do not know something exists, you do not know to ask about it. -bell hooks

Friday 3/26/2021

  • I don’t care about being in the mix. Ya’ll can really have that. I just want to read, write, live, and take care of my kid. That’s it.
  • These dudes poppin mad shit behind me in line at the gas station store like “she look mad good” & “I been lookin at her the whole time” & “word I’m like yo I’m buggin????” I turned around like ya’ll talkin about me? They’re like *in unison* YES. lol
  • RIP my white purse. Had it inside another bag that had a purple pen in it, and ink got all over one of the corners. ☹
  • Next book of mine is going to be in Spanish (with English translations).
  • It’s going to be called Un Hombre.

Saturday 3/27/2021

  • Ovulation got me in a mf chokehold.
  • I really only do one thing. I read books. I teach books. I write books. I think about books. It’s one job. -Toni Morrison
  • My son is articulate & loving & fun… & beautiful on top of that. Like!!!

-Rachel Wagner

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  1. “Ovulation got me in a mf chokehold.” Hilarious!!! lol Your posts rival Sex and the City any day!!! lol


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