This is a really cute book about a group of students who try to kill their teacher everyday lol. But they have to because the teacher, Koro Sensei, is some kinda alien who vows to destroy the whole planet if he’s not killed (and they’ll get 10 billion dollars).

So different students try different methods–shooting him, stabbing him, poisoning him–but nothing works because Koro Sensei is really smart and fast. He’s shaped like an octopus and is also an effective teacher. He teaches clearly and gives these kids a lot of confidence because he notices them.

And that’s important because the class is made up of people who don’t get good grades and got sent to this other building. So it matters that Koro Sensei actually teaches them. His character is also pretty sensitive himself, so it’s a lil awkward for everyone to be killing him.

Best line is from Koro Sensei: “There isn’t just one way to have talent. You just need to find a method that suits your skill set.”

-Rachel Wagner

I have a copy of this book at my bookstore: Ten Dollar Books

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