Another day 17

Sunday 4/11/2021

  • I still listen to cds. I don’t stream anything. Like [il]legal downloading is really valid.
  • Again… dudes who make the least amount of effort act the most shocked when ya’ll don’t link lol.
  • This dude at a lil backyard party was drunk as hell walking past me making some noise at me. EW.
  • I was at a bar once and this drunk ass dude was stumbling out the bar and of course came over to me on his way I’m like OMG.
  • People don’t realize that being surprised that I’m smart is kinda RUDE like hold on you thought I was gonna be stupid??
  • Kids love me cuz I love kids.
  • Academia definitely trained my writing to be a certain way, and it didn’t translate immediately over into pop culture writing or even journalism–you know the things that pay. But worrying about genre was stifling. Writing to the publications was stifling. And on creative projects I’d get response back sometimes that are like love it but no. But it’s okay because I like what I write and what my writing has turned into.
  • I don’t care about IG likes whatsoever lol. I’m going to post whatever cuzif likes were votes, all I’d do is model for pictures all day long or every day or whatever so people could thirst over me and/or hate on me. I’m good.
  • Season one of Grey’s Anatomy is so fuckin good.
  • Started reading two books at a time more ever since re-learning Spanish. Haven’t done that in a while.

Monday 4/12/2021

  • Tutored and graded a bunch of stuff today.
  • Walked around with my son in the afternoon in the rain looking at worms.
  • Also had sushi.

Tuesday 4/13/2021

  • You can’t control how people want to read your work you just can’t.
  • My style of teaching is to push people to do better but also if you don’t want to do it then don’t.
  • You can hate systems AND individuals ya know.
  • People understanding me without any verbal cues. I like that.
  • Had a good ass burrito today.
  • Also took a lil hike by myself right before the sun went down. Was cool. Then I got the burrito after.

Wednesday 4/14/2021

  • There has been—and will be for quite some time—strong opposition by the Right to policies aimed at addressing racial inequality. Remaining silent on racial inequality will do little to eliminate it. -Frederick Harris
  • Just finished The Price of the Ticket
  • *one hour later*: just finished Assassination Classroom
  • Next will be a Spanish book.

Thursday 4/15/2021

  • Scammers were really blowing up my phone today.
  • Either teaching is too draining or I work too hard.
  • Tried reading an adult Spanish book today, and it’s still a no-go. Went and got another YA book instead.
  • Got El Odio Que Das y un libro para mi hijo sobre serpientes.
  • Hate that I have bad thoughts going on in the background sometimes. I’ll be doing something innocent, like driving home from a bookstore, minding my own business. Then for no reason I start remembering terrible events in vivid detail. Like… why?

Friday 4/16/2021

  • Wherever we Palestinians are, we are not in our Palestine, which no longer exists. -Edward Said
  • Added new books to Ten Dollar Books today.
  • A dude who treated me like trash: you miss me?
    Me: no
  • A dude who didn’t treat me special enough: you miss me?
    Me: no
  • My lil bf who died this past year would say that about me that I was ice cold lol.
  • Honestly he was so fine and so sweet like god you fucked up takin that one smh.
  • Started two new books this morning. El Odio Que Das and After the Last Sky: Palestinian Lives.
  • The fact that the only time my son truly leaves me alone to read is if the TV is on, but then the TV is on and it’s not quiet again :/
  • Tight like hallways, smoked out always -outkast
  • Time goes so fast from 9pm to midnight. Also from 8am-9am.

Saturday 4/17/2021

  • Woke up cleaned up and sat down to read.
  • Was struck by this photograph of a scarecrow in After the Last Sky made of sticks and a cloth and a shoe as the head. Then I went outside and took a photograph of something that looked like it–a small tree, a cloth, no real head. Then I showed my son the pics and told him about it and a lil later he built a scarecrow out of his new blocks. That’s a growing thought.
  • -¿Por qué siempre escuchas eso?
    -Mujer, ¡no me salgas con eso! Tupac era el puto amo.
    Angie Thomas
  • Se hace el silencio en el Impala, excepto por Tupac que pregunta: ¿En quién crees? No lo sé. -Angie Thomas
  • What? Do you think I’m a masochist?? The man is scum. -Carrie Bradshaw
  • Meredith: seriously??!!
    Izzy: seriously??!!

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-Rachel Wagner

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