This is a book about a girl named Maria who is at a new high school and is getting a lot of attention from people because she looks good. Right away, a couple guys like her and a group of girls hate her.

She’s coming from a church-type school that she got kicked out of for fighting the teacher, so she likely had some bullying situation there too. Her current teacher is no help to anyone really either. But no matter what, Maria doesn’t snitch or avoid or do anything to retaliate against the mean girls in her class.

Maria’s character is based on Mary Magdalene, which is a cool idea. She definitely acts all saintly and weird and mysterious. Singing “Amazing Grace” (more than once) and wearing a cross and stuff like that. She gains a love interest at school too–a rebellious guy who is cool for skipping school and smoking even tho he’s also actually smart and decent.

Best line: “Unbelievable, I guess some people keep coming to school no matter how badly they hurt someone.” -Miyoshi Tomori

-Rachel Wagner

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