Another day 20

Sunday 5/9/2021

  • Being a downer has its perks.
  • I hate that scrolling is easier than reading a book. Physically and socially.
  • Tho I do scroll less when I am reading a book that’s easy to pick up. A Little Life was like that. Felt like you could just start reading any moment.
Union NJ 5/10/2021

Monday 5/10/2021

  • Being sad.
  • Dissociation is temporary, but I’ll take what I can get.
  • Went to a comic bookstore and a bookstore today. Got a few good things. That was cool.
  • If there was a cute half-naked girl posing on the cover, my son would be like “oh here’s one you would like.” LOL he was right tho…
  • To see, be seen, and catch. Everybody ragged down. I had never seen so many fine dudes in my life. -Judy Juanita, Virgin Soul
  • Anyone supporting Israel is a fuckin clown! Yes I’m talking about AOC and Andrew Yang.
  • Two things I wrote on Palestine: Freedom is a Constant Struggle & After the Last Sky
  • I loved being hugged by him, being enveloped in his arms. Human ropes. -Judy Juanita

Tuesday 5/11/2021

  • Self-imposed exile
  • Some energy was moving from me to him or from him to me. Whichever is was, we were connecting. -Judy Juanita
  • Men be like found money—If you find a shiny dollar on the street Spend it don’t depend on it—And don’t be expecting to find it Again -Judy Juanita
  • We were finished connecting. We were connected. -Judy Juantia
Linden NJ 5/12/2021

Wednesday 5/12/2021

  • RIP Tyrone. Never forget you.

Thursday 5/13/2021

  • Burrito & hike

Friday 5/14/2021

  • Reading and grading feel like opposite activities.
  • My son wrote “iLOVEmom” on his football lol.
  • Dropped out of school for a year to read a thousand books -Judy Juanita
  • Drinking corona.

Saturday 5/15/2021

  • Today…
  • Hiked and concluded that life is crazy and that I like going uphill.

-Rachel Wagner

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