Another day 22

Sunday 5/23/2021

  • To be kissed…
  • The law constructs illegality, while racism constructs the illegal. -Harsha Walia, Border and Rule
  • US forces are operating in 70 percept of countries worldwide, and nearly eight hundred US military bases dot the world map. -Harsha Walia
  • Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, severity walls now exist in our barbwired and walled world. -Harsha Walia
  • Crossing the border does not end the struggle for undocumented people, because the border is mobile and can be enforced anywhere within the nation-state. -Harsha Walia
  • While workers are declared illegal, the surplus value they create is never deemed illegal… this renders migrants as deportable subjects, who are not actually deported if they remain compliant laborers. -Harsha Walia
  • Gotta be able to read my mind… not even laughing that’s a must…
  • Drinking some corona.

Monday 5/24/2021

  • Even the most incorrigible maverick has to be born somewhere. -James Baldwin, Nobody Knows My Name
  • Men see me with a dude & stare at the dude hard as HELL lol. Kinda funny.

Tuesday 5/25/2021

  • Migrant worker programs are not only racially discriminatory; they are themselves a race-making regime. Migrant workers are racially constructed and ordered through the very design of these programs as a distinct and segregated labor regime. -Harsha Walia
  • Race is a contingent structure. And this distinct ordering of legal-but-deportable labor generates structural hierarchies between racialized migrant workers and citizen workers, and further affixes race to citizenship. -Harsha Walia
  • Running (to me) is not about distance at all. That’s partially because the treadmill is so boring, too boring to be about time spent. But the treadmill does give you the incline option, which is what I’ve grown to like.

Wednesday 5/26/2021

  • Me: *starts dealing with someone*
    The next morning: “Hello from JPay, You have received a new Message from your loved one.”
  • Lol haven’t talked to him in MONTHS.
  • This kid asked me if I was my son’s sister lol. Then like an hour later this older guy was like “you’re over 18 right?”
  • Multiculturalism therefore cements white settler colonialist and radical-capitalist political economics by managing racialized communities and capturing migrant labor. -Harsha Walia
  • Especially since 9/11, the US, Israel, and India have framed their geopolitical expansions as part of the global war on terror, secured their borders with more than 5,700 kilometers of walls, and implemented antiterror legislation with broad powers of surveillance and detention to maintain racial repression. -Harsha Walia

Thursday 5/27/2021

  • Took my first midday shower of the season cuz it’s so fuckin hot.
  • Again all I’m giving is 90’s glam or 90’s athlete (or 90’s glamorous-athlete) but really that’s it.
  • I love witnessing innovation.
  • Get one kid something, gotta get the other kids something. Written rule.
  • “Oh see you know your limits. I don’t my limits”… lol talking about drinking…
  • This lil boy was eating bites off gum like it was regular candy I was like bro you aren’t supposed to swallow that… he’s like yea I just tap my chest and it goes down… maddd chaotic…
  • “One thing I can say about Rachel is she patient as hell”… talking about me with kids…
  • Danny Douquette (however you spell it) is thee worst character on Grey’s Anatomy… like go away…
  • Kinda nice not being emotionally abused… but it doesn’t take away the fact that…
Newark, NJ 5/29/2021

Friday 5/28/2021

  • Annnd today is cold. Well it was already getting cold last night but still.
  • Around the world, state-defined citizenship is already and always tenuous and troubled: assigned by colonizers drawing arbitrary lines, an imposition on Indigenous communities annexed by settler states, or a shell game for those already cast out by race, caste, region, gender, sexuality, ability, or class. -Harsha Walia
  • In a vicious cycle, nationalism escalates racism, racism strengthens the border, and borders produce nationalism. -Harsha Walia

Saturday 5/29/2021

  • Are you giving other bitches your birth time or no????
  • Finished Border & Rule today.
  • Imagine not being sad.
  • So when I stumble off the path I know my heart will guide me back -erykah badu
  • Drinking some extra pale ale.

-Rachel Wagner

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