THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA by Lauren Weisberger

Loved this book. I knew the movie already so when I saw this the other day I grabbed it. The Devil Wears Prada is fun like Sex and the City and Confessions of a Shopaholic. It’s told in the voice of a young adult who is, like many others, in culture shock going from university life to the work world. She’s part of a trio of recent graduates–her best friend is coasting along in grad school and her boyfriend is a teacher trying to understand his students in NYC. The narrator, Andrea, wants to write so she takes a job as an assistant to the boss at a big fashion magazine.

I liked Andrea’s physical transformation into one of the girls. She loses weight from not eating and running around all day and not sleeping enough. She also just naturally starts dressing up too after a short time in that environment. It’s like a religion or like a plague or however you want to say it. Her break away at the end is when she reaches a limit. Like people keep saying throughout the book that she has a job millions of girls would die for, and it’s true. People are exploited all the way down the line for that lifestyle to exist.

Best line: “Five feet ten inches and 115 pounds did not bode well for a hard night out (although, in retrospect, it bodes very well for employment at a fashion magazine).” -Lauren Weisberger

-Rachel Wagner

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