Another day 26

Newark NJ 6/27/2021

Sunday 6/27/2021

  • Not amused
  • People seized a McDonald’s store in France that was out of business and took it over as a food pantry location. And they use the drive-through as a walk-through to get bags of stuff. Love it.
  • How Europe Underdeveloped Africa is sooo good. It’s changing my world.

Monday 6/28/2021

  • Graded for a few hours midday and it was all downhill from there.

Tuesday 6/29/2021

  • Always tightening up my morning routine. That’s a must.
  • Honored my inner child by swimming in a pool today…. gotta get air in my bike tire too….
  • Sitting around reading. What else is there to do in this world?
  • Pervasive and vicious racism was present in imperialism as a variant independent of the economic rationality that initially gave birth to racism. It was economics that determined that Europe should invest in Africa and control the continent’s raw materials and labor. It was racism which confirmed the decision that the form of control should be direct colonial rule. -Walter Rodney
Newark NJ 7/1/2021

Wednesday 6/30/2021

  • Regular life stuff……
  • Fuckin losers trying to step to me… sad!
  • Flashing money from a busted beamer… L
  • Another day feeling unamused
  • And hot

Thursday 7/1/2021

  • I forgot better shit than you ever thought of -Kanye
  • Europe only ended slavery because they could make more money off wage labor… then they directly colonized Africa on top of that to make even more… but the only reason they had the means to do either of those things is cuz of the profit and power they got through slavery already…
  • Like…..
  • “Freekum Dress” by Beyoncé x “You Want War” by Lil Wayne
  • Anybody know where my lighter at?????
  • You know who else sucks on Grey’s Anatomy? The army chick.
Newark NJ 7/1/2021

Friday 7/2/2021

  • I don’t know what I did today.

Saturday 7/3/2021

  • Anxious as hell about the 4th of July event tomorrow. Will everything go right will I find the place will I have enough space and bags and bookmarks and tabletops. Drinks ready. All that. Ready to see how it goes, and also ready for it to be over.

-Rachel Wagner

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