Another day 28

Sunday 7/11/2021

Newark NJ
  • Anyone who can pass the civil service examination today can kill me tomorrow. -George Jackson
  • There have never been any spontaneous revolutions. There were all staged, manufactured, by people who went to the head of the masses and directed them. -George Jackson
  • I’m not carrying this extra weight around my belt for nothing. It has a 13-round clip, I keep one in the barrel, 14 shots. Save me a cell on murderer’s row there, I could have 14 murder charges any day now. -Johnathan Jackson (relax he’s talking about killing cops)
  • You hit me up outta nowhere trying to get together and I don’t even have ya number saved… yea you getting left on read…
  • Bombshell & beautiful & sexy… that is what people called me this weekend…
  • Best thing about the treadmill at my house vs running at a park is not needing a mask…
  • People are really done wearing masks… can’t relate…
  • This book I’m reading now is written by George Jackson while he was locked up… and he finished writing it like a day before getting shot and killed during an attempted escape… ummm yea I’m fuckin listening lol…
  • I love casual heels… like what a concept…

Monday 7/12/2021

  • Dudes love calling me phony 4 not pursuing them lol ummmm okay? Guess I’m phony then.
  • A bad person is trying to talk to me again… ya’ll pray 4 me…
  • I just pull up get out and get all the hoes… don’t be mad at me dog it’s all I know…
  • G-Unit ❤

Tuesday 7/13/2021

  • Damn I really fucked up my legs running on concrete the other day smh. Guess that’s another plus of the treadmill—less hard grounding? Not having sore knees and legs for days?
  • On an edible… fuck it…

Wednesday 7/14/2021

Thursday 7/15/2021

  • Last night I started reading Love, Loss and What I Wore on a whim cuz it’s short. Read the second half this morning. Liked it a lot. Haven’t read a play in a while. Would like to see it performed.
  • Running into a paragraph about George Jackson in this FBI Book. Nice.

Friday 7/16/2021

Newark NJ
  • First nice beach day today.
  • My son makes friends so easily.
  • Reading what the FBI was up to during the 60’s-90’s is crazy. If I wasn’t already anti-police…
  • Just the wildest shit ever going on. And some of these people are still around—Mumia is alive and locked up right now! Like!!!
  • Hope is lost 4 you, my guy… been lost…

Saturday 7/17/2021

  • Trying to get my life together is a daily activity.
  • God may forgive you but I won’t.
  • I like this weather (it’s raining hard as hell).
  • Finally bought a new couch today. That shit was a must.
  • I don’t usually like flat sandals, but I kinda want to Birkenstocks. Hmm.

-Rachel Wagner

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