4 the love of tube tops

Newark NJ

by Rachel Wagner

They are the perfect shirt. Instantly sexy and cute. It stands out because there’s such a thin layer between you and my chest. Can’t help but look. The bust is the one that’s holding it up. Shoulders aren’t responsible for anything. Collar bone is completely exposed. It’s like how you look with just a towel on.

Same time they are barely there and sometimes you have to look down and make sure its still there. I once jumped-slash-slid off the trunk of my car to get passed a blunt from this guy and I had on ya know a red tube top, a short jean skirt, and white air forces. My chest kinda bounced when I landed on the ground and he was like do that again lol.

The last tube top I wore was black. This was like two days ago. That shirt saved me too because I was obsessing about what to wear. I felt I had nothing to go with these black leggings randomly one afternoon. It was hot as hell outside so it merited the tube top. I felt covered but not, being that everything was skin tight. That outfit was basically the opposite of wearing a short skirt and long sleeves.

Newark NJ

Anyway I was throwing a baseball back and forth with my son and if I ever had to run I became very conscious of the shirt lol. It was holding me up no problem but you just do remember that you’re wearing a technically non-functional article of clothing, even when you otherwise feel comfortable. You have to at least check it. And maybe that’s why I like tube tops tho. They demand your attention.

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