Had no choice but to get this book lol.

White Girl Problems is a fun book that you can’t tell if it’s real or half real or totally fake. Babe Walker is the daughter of a rich lawyer in LA and a former-model mother who left out when she was a baby. Walker is spoiled with maids and chefs and masseuses and stuff and lives to complain about everything. She also measures the coolness of things by deciding if it’s chic or not, which is actually valid lol. It’s satirical, easy reading. The narrator is oblivious but not totally dumb. She’s over the top but is also very cool. A true Gemini.

Best line: “I thought that if I constantly wrote down all of my feelings, then I could justify my drinking and write it off as artistic expression. So that’s what I did. I became a raging alcoholic” (Walker 83).

-Rachel Wagner

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