Another day 32

Newark NJ 8/15/2021

Sunday 8/15/2021

Monday 8/16/2021

  • Me censoring “fuck the other shit” to my son: fuck the other stuff
  • Lol

Tuesday 8/17/2021

  • Forever finding stuff to do with this kid.
  • Gotta get back into teaching mode. Got a work meeting tomorrow already.

Wednesday 8/18/2021

  • Today was hard.
  • Had a “for all this I better have corona” moment today lol.
  • Finished Want Me today. I wanted it because of the cover and title. I like it because she kinda analyzes herself as it goes. I hate the guys she deals with tho.

Thursday 8/19/2021

Newark NJ 8/21/2021
  • Now reading Tar Baby.
  • Now outside reading Tar Baby lol. So good. Wish I had someone to talk about it with.
  • Last book of Toni Morrison’s I read was Jazz, which is also so good.
  • Got a copy of that book for sale at Ten Dollar Books.

Friday 8/20/2021

  • Finally figured out this Facebook shit.
  • Bringing a jacket and not needing it.
  • Always got a book on me.
  • That is my purse measurement system. Could I carry a book in it? More than one? It’s a major factor.
  • My current purse could fit all my daily stuff plus three or four books if I wanted to.

Saturday 8/21/2021

  • Feeling lost today.
  • More awful than the fear of danger was the fear of looking foolish—of being excited when others were laid back—of being somehow manipulated, surprised or shook. -Toni Morrison p 107-8
  • Feeling…. Weird….
  • Whiteboy junkie talkin about “hey wasup what you up to?” bro get away from me…
  • Finished a walk right before the rain really started. Nice.
  • Crazy how nun of these guys are it.
  • People will tell you to annotate your book as you read but they’re wrong. Writing in books is wrong.

Sunday 8/22/2021

Newark NJ 8/21/2021
  • Reading by the window and it’s raining hard as hell. 
  • Rain is such a spiritual reset.
  • Toni Morrison loves writing page-long paragraphs.
  • Oukast kinda day.
  • Tomorrow is the third day of school and someone in the building has corona already. And they really thought I was sending my son in person.
  • Murphy and Biden have blood on their hands sending these kids to school with no remote option. Bozos.
  • A remote option would empty those classrooms by half then the kids who really have nowhere else to be could be at school semi-safely.
  • But hey what do I know.

Monday 8/23/2021

  • Finished Tar Baby at 1am last night.
  • Came to see my classroom today (also had to get the summer reading book). But yea they want me in some lil ass basement room with 18 people back to back to back. Umm I’m thinking no.
  • No windows no extra ventilation just vibes…
  • The sheer lack of creativity… they have had almost two years to think of something and their best idea was just put everyone back in the classrooms as is. Like are you dumb?
  • Anyway Just Mercy is the summer reading book. Gotta read that this week.

Tuesday 8/24/2021

Cranford NJ 8/23/2021
  • Read She and Her Cat last night at like 11pm. Really cute and relatable. I cried but I was also sad already so yea.
  • I find good books to read back to back no problem. Like I’m really not new to this.
  • Reading is fun cuz it’s like doing a drug by yourself. In another world and no one even knows lol.
  • Right after I finished writing about today She and Her Cat, a cat came up and walked along my window sill.
  • Got a copy of that book for sale at Ten Dollar Books.
  • Got my dad making me bookshelves lol. He designed them and handmade them out of wood. Nice.
  • Structural integrity.

Wednesday 8/25/2021

Thursday 8/26/2021

  • Homeschooling is cool. 
  • Out here chilling with these kids.

Friday 8/27/2021

  • Yesterday a bunch of people were piling in someone’s car and then I got in and all the kids in the back were like “yay Rachel’s coming!!!!” lol so cute.
  • Today was a long ass day. Involved buying books and going to the beach.
Asbury Park NJ 8/27/2021

Saturday 8/28/2021

  • As a man, why are you struggling to parallel park? Lol
  • Having lived in North Newark AND Elizabeth with no driveway or parking lot. Like…
  • Lived on a mf hill in North Newark lol parking 3, 4 blocks away from my apartment some nights. Walking home.
  • Feelings, hurt.
  • But it’s cool (no it’s not).
  • “Do my own thing I ain’t worried bout a hater” who said that? I forget and I’m too lazy to type it into google right now. Maybe lil Wayne?
  • The person who said “I’ve decided not to care anymore. I will still care tho. Probably more than before.” Lol that is me to the max.
  • Still reading She Came to Stay. You wish Francoise would just tell Pierre to stop talking to Xaviere but then at the same time yea he’s doing what he wants. Telling him to stop wouldn’t stop him from wanting.
  • Sucks.
  • Pierre seems kinda fake to me anyway. Like if you have to tell her more than once “hey if you want I won’t date her!” then obviously she’s showing that she feels some type of way about it. Consistently.
  • Reminds me of Jealousy by Catherine Millet.
  • Something French novels teach you: men will disappoint you across the relationship spectrum… open or monogamous… doesn’t matter…
South Orange NJ 8/28/2021

-Rachel Wagner

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