NIGHTBITCH by Rachel Yoder

My friend recommended that I read this book, and I’m glad she did. Nightbitch is so great.

Nightbitch is the narrator–a new mother, a former artist, a current mess. She’s lucky to be able to quit her gallery job to stay at home with her son while he’s a toddler, but as anyone who has stayed home with a toddler knows it’s not actually easier than going to work. She’s struggling with her identity and routine and lifestyle. It’s all making her feel very ravenous.

The plot rests on her transformation into a dog-like person. Growing hair, growling at people, eating with no hands. She’s self-conscious about it but also proud of it. It’s the one thing she has in a life of giving her time and energy to her kid. That sacrifice (real and metaphorical) is definitely accurate. You have a kid and you are different. You are outside of your body. You are mother and child.

Best line: The next morning, she did what any reasonable person would do and went to the library. -Rachel Yoder p 32

-Rachel Wagner

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