SUPREME CLIENTELE by Ashley & JaQuavis

I read this book before, but I lent out my copy and never got it back. CLASSIC.

I love Ashley & Jaquavis tho. They are so fun. I think it’s the pacing of their writing that’s so addictive. Everything moves along quickly and completely. There’s also something Shakespearean about their stuff–how they’re able to see from every perspective: the cop, the girl, the guy, the junkie, the dealer. It’s tragedy and fantasy and romance all at the same time.

Supreme Clientele is a novel that’s mostly about Zya, a young woman who is trying to figure out what to do with herself after her boyfriend gets locked up. Out on the streets alone, he sends her to make some sales and she turns into a big ass drug dealer in her own right. She actually finds her way by selling coke at her waitress job and working her way up from there. She also moves onto another guy eventually. Zya and Snow quickly become a power couple–running around, making mistakes, and sticking together.

Best line: She wanted a real life, a real love that was long-lasting and unconditional. -Ashley & JaQuavis

-Rachel Wagner

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