Another day 35

Sunday 10/10/2021

  • Someone yesterday at the Westfield street fair left a review for Ten Dollar Books saying “sweet owner.”
  • Period.
  • Sold a bunch of books in Westfield yesterday. S/o the woman who bought both MLK books.
  • Her and the guy in Newark who got the Malcolm X book, the Tupac book, and Live from Death Row.
  • Got these kids playing hangman lol.
Newark NJ 10/10/2021

Monday 10/11/2021

  • I got a plastic bag with a sandwich in it and as I’m walking by this dude gonna say do I need help carrying that lol.
  • Clothes compliments and cocks -Samantha SATC
  • Good books only.
  • Someone in North Carolina bought a book for an imprisoned reader in Newark, NJ. Nice.
  • You can buy books for imprisoned people here. It’s $10 flat and then Ten Dollar Books will pay for shipping and mail it right to them.
  • Didn’t grade today but I’ll do that tomorrow for sure *spongebob voice*

Tuesday 10/12/2021

  • Crazy how I’ll probably never tutor in real life again.
  • Dudes always wanna know what kind of weed I’m smoking. I literally do not know.
  • Or care.
  • Finished Sex and International Tribunes.
  • My son is outside climbing the gate and one junkie is like hey spiderman lol. Another came up and cleared garbage from below him so that he could jump back down. Also bought curly hair conditioner for him from another junkie for 4 dollars and all my change.

Wednesday 10/13/2021

  • Long teaching day today. Sigh. 
  • Plus my ex is hitting me up. Ugh. Ya’ll pray for me.
  • Shit be sooo over for certain dudes and they still try coming around. Go away.

Thursday 10/14/2021

Friday 10/15/2021

  • Idk what I did today.

Saturday 10/16/2021

  • Successfully moving something near my cat while she’s laying down and she looks but doesn’t move. Nice.
  • Remember the time harper lee (wrote to kill a mockingbird) said she didn’t want her other book to be published and people were like oh well we’re publishing it.
  • Chopin’s cello sonata ❤
  • Bunch of new books at Ten Dollar Books.

Sunday 10/17/2021

West Orange NJ 10/11/2021
  • In the woods.

Monday 10/18/2021

Tuesday 10/19/2021

Wednesday 10/20/2021

  • I have only one solution: to rise above this absurd drama that others have staged around me. -Franz Fanon
  • Now reading Wounded in the House of a Friend.
  • you can’t keep his dick in your purse -Sonia Sanchez
  • The dead are never dead. -Sonia Sanchez

Thursday 10/21/2021

  • Undivertible rigor
  • New hoodie flow.

Friday 10/22/2021

Saturday 10/23/2021

  • People telling me I got them reading. I like that.
  • *gabe voice* overheard in Newark: it’s not a good look when I see you on the block bro.
  • Corona totally changed how I read. I was a library girl through and through. Requesting stuff left and right. Sifting through stacks. Mowing down piles of books. Now I really value the books I own and feel freer about buying and selling.
  • I’m telling someone about the bookstore shit he’s like ok motivation. Lmao.
  • “You you know I’ve never admitted that to anyone before. Not even myself.”
  • We’re all going to die, all of us; what a circus! That alone should make us love each other, but it doesn’t. -Charles Bukowski
  • Life

Sunday 10/24/2021

Milburn NJ 10/17/2021
  • Shout out the person who made the mac scroll reverser app
  • People are so smart. I love when I find someone who has already seolved the problem I’m having lol.
  • Me *handshake* waiting until Sunday evening to grade and prepare for class
  • Me *handshake* researching niche tech problems I’m having instead of just getting the grading and class prep done in a timely manner

Monday 10/25/2021

  • Let us be dissatisfied. -MLK
  • Feeling blah.
  • People come to college and don’t wanna read. Why?

Tuesday 10/26/2021

  • Feeling cloudy today. Life is weird.
  • Much more so than the human body , capitalism is marvelously adaptive, able to turn the problems it creates into new business opportunities: diet pills, heart bypass operations, insulin pumps, bariatric surgery. -Michael Pollan 135
  • I really love walking.
  • The other day a kid asked me to apple pay him $5 for a scooter ride… $5????? What happened to kids asking for a dollar to go to the store???? Swear I’ve seen it all.

Wednesday 10/27/2021

  • Last day of this migraine I hope.
  • I know they know I’m special why they playin with me? You talkin jewels I’m droppin jewels, see that’s the difference. -Kodak

Thursday 10/28/2021

  • Idk what I did today.
Watching NJ 10/26/2021

Friday 10/29/2021

  • Reading Was the Cat in the Hat Black?
  • We often simultaneously know and do not know about the suffering of others. -Philip Nel
  • Drinking some Spaten.

Saturday 10/30/2021

  • Sushi time.
  • Sometimes I think about this kid who saw Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus on the table where I was selling books and he was like 10, too old for the book now but he knew the book and touched it and had a certain knowing smile on when he looked down at it. It was sooo sweet.
  • Same book got sold to a lil girl at the end of the event who read Mo Willems’ other books but none of the pigeon ones. And on the ride home I was telling my son isn’t that so special—that she’s about to get introduced to that book and is gonna love it.
  • Buy his books here.

Sunday 10/31/2021

  • Books containing stereotypes invite children to participate in that way of thinking, but children do not have to accept that invitation… affective relations can be critically effective ones. -Philip Nel

-Rachel Wagner

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