I bought this book for myself for my birthday on my birthday. I’m teaching an Alice Walker essay in my classes right now and I love her stuff. You Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down is a collection of short stories that are foremost about womanhood, like dealing with guys and friends and family. A lot goes on throughout the book. A singer sells her song to a white guy, a mother has an abortion, a lover is unimpressed with porn.

The abortion one stood out to me in the moment because in the story the mother has the abortion and she can’t imagine ever feeling better again and she goes: “‘Well,’ she said to the child, ‘it was you or me, Kiddo, and I chose me'” (Walker 70). Same day I was watching an animal documentary with my son and a kangaroo mom is running away from a wild dog and she’s running and I’m like oh no her baby’s legs are starting to poke out her pouch. But she keeps pumping and jumping forward and eventually the baby falls out and you know that she has to just keep going.

It’s like that.

Best line: She has bent over a hot typewriter all day and is tired. She sinks into the feeling of being desired and pampered. Valued. Loved. -Alice Walker p 81

-Rachel Wagner

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