Another day 37

Wednesday 12/1/2021

  • Getting sushi and returning library books

Thursday 12/2/2021

Newark NJ 12/5/2021
  • Reading two books right now. One is a really long novel by Dostoevsky. The other is a short poetry book in Spanish that I keep rereading pieces of trying to understand it more accurately.
  • Not being obsessed with anyone is cool I guess.
  • Scorpio is intensity
  • Dostoevsky is a scorpio lol
  • If we meet in the street you should not even bother to speak cuz I still hear the words in my head those are some words I will never forget. -Shanna
  • A strange beauty
  • Honestly…. Fuck ya life
  • Woke up this morning with that Monica song stuck in my head that’s like “it’s hard 2 believe after everything you’ll still be right beside me wouldn’t trade you for this whole world thankful for being ya girl”
  • Anyway life is crazy. Let me do some grading.
  • Can’t get no higher, still looking for a lighter -juelz
  • I been thinking bout 4ever
  • And all this in vain

Friday 12/3/2021

  • One of my students got 2nd place in an essay contest with a book review she wrote for my class. nice.
  • Hoes love me (unfortunately)
  • No other
  • “It’s sum about the way you carry yourself”
  • Walking around
  • If you don’t like me I don’t like you -pop smoke
  • Dicks up when I step in the party -flo milli
  • He say he like me I’m like oh ok
  • Way too sexy
  • “They was asking about you in there”
    which one tho
    “all of them”
  • Following my bliss

Saturday 12/4/2021

  • Beauty, education, modern ideas, the woman question, poetry. -Dostoevsky p 158
  • My neighbor gonna say “you know what really made things worse for me? The bible.” Lol
  • “The people that’s not here… fuck them”

Sunday 12/5/2021

  • He believed in me at first sight, and I believed in him. Dostoevsky -p 186
  • Grading :/
  • Done
  • An awfully original woman
  • Lil outfit, big coat
  • Excellent special different

Monday 12/6/2021

  • Just because you have tints don’t mean I can’t feel you staring at me
  • Nobody:
    Me: leaning in some dude’s porche
    The cars behind them: *beeping*
  • Teaching sucks sometimes but alas

Tuesday 12/7/2021

  • Ya know I know
  • All my exes
  • Thinly veiled despair

Wednesday 12/8/2021

Newark NJ 12/9/2021
  • I look good I smell good I feel good and make love good -James Brown
  • Somebody tell me abut gemini men.
  • Fall semester really bout to be over.
  • You don’t gotta fuck with me but you stuck with me -gucci mane
  • They ain’t about it, complain about it but ain’t around it, shame on em -wayne (thought that was juelz off the top of my head)
  • Lil mama REAL bad but she don’t mean no harm -juicy j
  • “You just trying to show off that lil body”
  • You really have to go out of your way to heal. It’s kinda crazy.
  • Particularly fine.

Thursday 12/9/2021

  • “I ain’t see you all winter, snowbunny” lol
  • Self soothing is wack as hell at first but it really does work
  • Sprung
  • Reading The Idiot right now. So damn good. Dostoevsky you’ve done it again.
  • Adapt and overcome
  • Thinking it’s all about your clothes, it’s about your self, the way you feel about your life. -big boi

Friday 12/10/2021

  • Sometimes I’m saying it in my head without saying words -my son, inventing thinking
  • Ya girl will be presenting a paper in Alabama in a few months. Just got the acceptance email. Nice. Working title is “The Rhetorical Drug Dealer in Life and Literature.”
  • No you can’t hop out I see you -pop smoke
  • Keep my eye on you snakes I don’t even blink -juicy j
  • The snakes the grass too long to see the lawnmower sitting right next to the tree -dmx

Saturday 12/11/2021

  • I refuse to go to bed sad lol there is no way

Sunday 12/12/2021

  • Intellectual dishonesty
Newark NJ 12/13/2021

Monday 12/13/2021

  • Being around grad school people is cool
  • Fish and chips and Jameson and ginger ale
  • Chilling with somebody and you’re like well idk I just took an adderal not too long ago and they’re like yea I’m on an E pill right now lol.
  • On a Monday no less lol.
  • This junkie saw me in the car with a dude and was like (to the dude) aww you finally bagged her? I was like bagged who?? He’s like she don’t talk to NOBODY (talking about me). Then to me, real serious: but nah you stay with your son I respect that.

Tuesday 12/14/2021

  • Not obsessing over a guy is easy. Just obsess over your wardrobe. It’s that simple.
  • Let me get this lil xmas tree…
  • I just want you for my own

Wednesday 12/15/2021

  • Mfs be so unbothered. Not me tho ya’ll be safe.

-Rachel Wagner

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