A PROJECT CHICK by Nikki Turner

Loved this book. Easy reading, fully developed characters (even side characters get a complete backstory). From title you’d think that the girl is from the projects as in grew up there, but really she’s someone who leaves her abusive baby dad and moves to the projects because it’s all she can afford.

A Project Chick takes place in Richmond. Tressa has twin sons with this guy who is rich but sucks. Like he’s literally out here shooting a guy for giving her a ride when she gets a flat. While her sons were in the car. And also shooting the girl he was with. Crazy shit. So she leaves and starts a life of her own. Meeting guys and raising the kids. Good mix of nightmare and fantasy.

The single mom this seems specifically important in this book. Like in her dedication Nikki Turner says “To every single mother left to fin for herself! Your struggle is not in vain! This is for you!” I liked that. And I liked that Tressa made a community for herself after leaving the guy. Like her brother’s ex-girlfriend was a junkie but got clean to help with the kids. Tressa’s responsibility of the kids were never left to be understood–whenever she went somewhere, she mentions who has the kids or whatever. Relate.

-Rachel Wagner

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