IN LOVE & TROUBLE by Alice Walker

Love the title. Love the cover art. In Love & Trouble is a collection of short stories by Alice Walker. They’re sad and smart and sometimes sinister.

Like in “Really, Doesn’t Crime Pay?” a woman takes a chance with this guy. Sleeps with him and shares her writing with him. It’s very intimate even tho she’s married to someone else. Then he dips and that sucks but what’s worse is that he steals her stories and published them as his own. So she goes out and kills him.

Then, in “Everyday Use,” an adult daughter comes with her boyfriend to visit her mother and sister in the south. The visiting daughter has converted to Islam and changed her name and treats the house like an antique shop. She wants to take stuff like a butter churner or quilts so that she can display them in her house. But those are things the mother and daughter who live there actually use and make. Finally she storms out of there, claiming they don’t know their culture.

I guess both are about having your stuff taken by people you wouldn’t expect. That flustered feeling of betrayal is temporary tho. Everyone moves on–the wife and husband move and the mother and daughter chill on the porch until bed.

Best line: His love of her makes her completely conscious of how unloved she was before. This is something; though it makes her unbearably sad. Melancholy. -Alice Walker p 8

-Rachel Wagner

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