Another day 40

Tuesday 2/1/2022

  • Paper drafts due later today. Bored now, swamped later.
  • Sushi & the SHU library.

Wednesday 2/2/2022

  • My students on day one writing about imprisonment: yea people should go to prison if they do something really bad
    Day two: prison is wrong
  • Me *handshake* radicalizing the youth
  • 8-4 & 9-5 is the white man’s schedule…. And I’m really good off that
  • Aight AIGHT chillchillchillchill
  • Feeling robotic
  • That’s show business baby lol

Thursday 2/3/2022

  • Most dudes don’t know what to do with me if they had the chance.
  • Wack boring dudes can fuck right off. Don’t care.
  • Being single is a breeze.
  • How I sleep at night knowing no one–
  • Never 2 be completely fathomed 
  • You ugly on the outside AND the inside like pick a fuckin struggle
  • I’m in love with you but the vibe is wrong (Kanye)
  • You can’t see me but I see you (Wayne)
  • Reading Monster
  • Ya no names compared to me who are you where are you I can’t see you—you’re air to me you’re not there to me (Wayne)
  • I am not a 32 year old woman.
    I am not a 32 year old woman.
    I am not a 32 year old woman.
    I am not a 32 year old woman.
    I am not a 32 year old woman.
    I am not a 32 year old woman.
    I am not a 32 year old woman.
    (Bart Simpson)
  • Realizing Chris Traeger (Parks & Rec) talks like Ned Flanders (The Simpsons)
  • Armed and dangerous, prowling the concrete jungle in search of ourselves, we were children who had grown up quickly in a city that cared too little about its young. (Sanyika Shakur 111)
  • We looked at each other for a long moment, and I could see that he was hurt and wanted to communicate his emotions, but neither of us knew how to do it. So we settled for the unspoken medium of love, each hoping the other would somehow catch the vibe of sincerity. (Sanyika Shakur 115)

Friday 2/4/2022

  • Righteous (Bart & Sanyika)

Saturday 2/5/2022

  • That’s right boo
  • Okay and?
  • My exes think they can roll up on me randomly 4 a kiss & be wrong as hell
  • I finished a really good book last night. Monster. So real and true.
  • Boy, wasup? (My son playing Roblox lol)
  • Thinking about this guy who was in his car trying to talk to me and “accidentally” picked up a stack of money instead of his phone to ask 4 my number lol like what no I’m good.

Sunday 2/6/2022

  • Rereading the book Unwifeable. Still good.
  • She name drops people like it’s nun.
  • I hate seeing clips of people fighting. It makes me sooo anxious on the inside.
  • Narcissistic abuse is the devil.
  • A couple people in my building hate me so much lol be mad as hell when I pass by… like ok?
  • Went outside for a second and reached in my ashtray thinking there’d be a clip in there but it was just two lil nothings :/
  • Had to come back inside and roll up like a loser.
  • Finding myself bored of guys lately… checked out… unimpressed… all that…
  • It’s exaggerated by how good solitude is and how good it feels to chill with my son.
  • Not about shit, not talking about shit. I’m good.
  • And anyway guys just wanna be lusty around me. No thanks.
  • Click here to donate a book to an imprisoned person through Ten Dollar Books. Novels, sketchpads, stuff like that.
  • Never know how many hands a book will touch when it gets inside a jail. Real shit. The written word is transformative.
  • I refuse to grade on the weekends. Not happening.
  • Wanna be me & don’t even understand me couldn’t see me even if you was standing with me (lil wayne)
  • Understand that every account I have on every platform is a lil wayne stan account

Monday 2/7/2022

  • March 7 they’re lifting the mask mandate in NJ schools lol clown behavior.

Tuesday 2/8/2022

  • No matter how much I’m spiraling out, I feel a weird sense of freedom in knowing I refuse to ever sink as low as that relationship brought me again. (Mandy Stadtmiller p 205)
  • ium so stupid I keep thinking yu will appear because I want yu to (bill bissett)

Wednesday 2/9/2022

  • idc who at the top of the stairs I’m stepping up (Wayne)
  • No half stepin (Kodak)
  • Walked in the woods today

Thursday 2/10/2022

  • And I mean that’s why when someone asks me about violence I just find it incredible because what it means is that the person that’s asking that question has absolutely no idea what black people have done through what black people have experienced in this country since the time the first black person was kidnapped from the shores of Africa. (Angela Davis).
  • Taught Angela Davis today. Was great.
  • Oh is that the question you were asking?
  • Creating more prison abolitionists more marxists…
  • With teaching I do feel some sense of responsibility to pass on what I read and understand in an accessible way.
  • I also started not giving late grades. If a person needs another day to completely something, just tell me and go from there.
  • I had to make a move, I ain’t talkin furniture (juicy j)
  • Gita was right scaffolding works.
  • Mannnn listen
  • Yo main dude my groupie… I see why you don’t like me
  • Putting these dudes on ice
  • All that actin that you don’t that shit is over bruh it’s a wrap wrap wrap wrap
  • Learned from Lil Kim to let my titties show…
  • This dude pulling money out his pocket trying to get my attention lol sad.

Friday 2/11/2022

  • Me *handshake* spending $0 on hair nails & makeup by just wearing my natural hair nails & face
  • I really enjoy running… love that 4 me
  • You in his DMs, I got him blocked
  • Dudes will really treat you like trash then wanna be friends lol I think the fuck not
  • Ima keep it real (jay-z)
  • Ima flirt til it hurt in a throwback skirt (Trina)
  • Fully focused man (50)
  • Chicos y chicas la desean. (Lilliam Rivera p 75)
  • My son: I’m gonna get you a house when I grow up
    me: you know what? I believe you
  • I will get medieval on your ass
  • When Carrie said she bought vogue instead of food when she was broke I could not relate… you say clothes instead of food ok now I’m listening
  • Process oriented

Saturday 2/12/2022

  • Idk

Sunday 2/13/2022

Monday 2/14/2022

  • Sushi, cheesecake, wine

Tuesday 2/15/2022

  • Hard to be productive after teaching all morning.
  • Flipped through the book Syllabus: Notes of an Accidental Professor today tho. That’s about teaching drawing. Nice to see other people’s teaching philosophy. 

Wednesday 2/16/2022

Thursday 2/17/2022

  • 10 year old girl says she loves your outfit, guess what you got a good outfit
  • Taught MLK today. Was great.
  • This year I’ve been teaching a section of his first book where he writes about his first arrest (which is for driving five miles over the speed limit).
  • He’s so good.
  • Down 4 ya always

Friday 2/18/2022

  • Anybody who says they want a drug dealer boyfriend never dated a drug dealer before.
  • It’s lil kodak and you know that it don’t get no real than this
  • My son loves math. It’s soooo sweet. Was doing fractions with him this week.
  • Everyone is not gonna see the vision.
  • Saw somebody say the problem with scorpios is they want too much passion
  • Maybe so
  • Stuff I just got:
  • Love comic book stores. Makes me want a physical store for Ten Dollar Books.

Saturday 2/19/2022

  • The worst part is lettin’ someone walk all over you time and time again… and they still leave ya high ’n’ dry despite ya doin’ everything they could ever want. (Harley Quinn)
  • “Your favorite color black?”
  • Realizing things
  • You a beat biter a pac style taker I tell it to ya face you ain’t shit but a faker softer than Alize with a chaser
  • Anything can be a bookmark

Sunday 2/20/2022

  • Dudes buying books to flirt… regular
  • Having ideas

Monday 2/21/2022

  • Reading MLK
  • Power without love is reckless and abusive & love without power is sentimental and anemic. (MLK P 38)
  • Through violence you may murder the liar, but you cannot murder the lie, nor establish truth. (MLK 64)
  • He wasn’t man enough 4 me…

Tuesday 2/22/2022

  • Just caught up on Euphoria from this Sunday. I relate so much to Lexi, including the attraction to Fez.
  • Also relate to Cassie’s stupidity. 
  • Love the play within a show. So shakespearean to watch everyone’s reaction to the performance.
  • Lexi complaining about everyone then saying “god I love the theater”… that’s me
  • Maybe it’s okay that this guy never loved me (actually maybe it’s not)
  • Maybe teaching isn’t so bad idk
  • When my colleagues or students say good things about me I’m very surprised. Not that I think I’m not doing good stuff but I don’t think that people are noticing. 
  • I have a good life with my son. Most dudes don’t have a single thing to add to it.
  • It’s not that he just simply didn’t love me. It’s that he actively didn’t love me. Ya know.
  • You used me… 4 land development?????? (Spongebob)
  • Dating in corona is hell
  • To be heard
  • Circling back on guys who already didn’t make the cut because of a global pandemic that lowers the odds of meeting someone new IRL?? Um what? (That’s me talking to myself)
  • Noticing now I’ve been selling myself short academically.
  • The queen of England dead yet???

Wednesday 2/23/2022

  • Life
  • The English department at SHU took me in off the street lol no BS I didn’t know what I was doing for so long
  • People outwardly support ya girl like it’s kinda crazy
  • Not being invested in anyone is cool I guess

Thursday 2/24/2022

  • Started up a grassroots literacy program:
  • And I was so with it…
  • Crazy I’m probably going to have to make another IG page smh
  • And ima be honest I really think you a bitch (Vic Mensa)
  • A good essay should show the activity of the mind and sort of catch it in flight. (Jesse McCarthy)
  • Was just at a very enlightening forum on Ukraine at SHU.
  • Love being around people who know their stuff. The students there were on the ball too. Nice.

Friday 2/25/2022

  • A flood of words rather than deeds has inundated the desert of expectations. (MLK P 143)
  • Learn to refuse crumbs. (MLK 158)
  • My son said I’m Lisa Simpson lol
  • Informal discussions and reading at home or in the streets are educational; they challenge the mind and inform our actions. (MLK)
  • A worthy intellectual pursuit

Saturday 2/26/2022

  • The problem is that the ‘present conditions,’ which make the poor poor (or the criminal take to crime) are precisely the same conditions which make the rich rich (or allow the law-abiding to imagine that the social causes of crime will disappear if you punish the individual criminals hard enough). (Policing the Crisis 4)
  • In general it must also be remembered that everything depends on how the crime statistics are interpreted (by the police), and then on how these interpretations are reported (in the media). (Policing the Crisis 14)
  • You try to play me intellectually know that I’m coming for ya neck so plz chill with all that.

Sunday 2/27/2022

  • Bitch don’t think I changed cuz I didn’t (Kodak)
  • Quiet, reserved, pretty… plus those tiny skirts of hers. (Sweet Paprika)

Monday 2/28/2022

  • Stressing 4 nothing

-Rachel Wagner

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