Crop Tops in the Winter

Some days I’m about to throw on any old shirt. Then I think–yea but why would I want to look any old way? How simple it is to show a little cleavage or midriff? Especially when it’s something that will change my whole mood, my whole outlook on life. A cute top half is a big part of the day. That is the base for your silhouette. It helps determines where you want to go, what you’d be willing to do, and how you want to be seen.

And just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to be boring and completely covered up. Actually, in some ways, it’s the perfect time to wear a tiny (long-sleeve) top. Here, you always have your coat to put over it and zip it up if you no longer wish to be perceived. Then you get that reveal moment when you take it off at your destination. Sure, I’ve gotten a little sick from it a few times out of sheer bitter freezing weather (even with a coat zipped all the way to the top). But all that ever taught me was to know when to layer up with a sweater.

As the weather swings back and forth between freezing cold and warm spring, I’ve ditched the sweater altogether. Well not little tight cropped sweaters, but big bunchy thick warm crewnecks–they can go for now. We are well on our way to no jackets, straight outfits. No more grabbing a coat and lacing up boots before heading out the door. Now it’s the same little sweaters and cropped shirts. But no more leggings and jeans doubled up on top of each other. No more unzipped puffy coat veiled over everything. Just a light jacket waiting to come off.

-Rachel Wagner

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