Another day 41

Tuesday 3/1/2022

  • Grading, idk
  • Teaching really takes up so much time.

Wednesday 3/2/2022

  • Margarita time

Thursday 3/3/2022

  • Not beat

Friday 3/4/2022

  • Dude was sitting in isolation for no reason for a month. Was on a hunger strike and everything. I called the prison yesterday to complain and they let him back in population today. Sad!
  • Woke up with “Diary” stuck in my head (Alicia Keys)
  • Migraine mami
  • If you see the vision and support my work, consider donating to my new project:
  • Spring break flow
  • The moon is something special right now.

Saturday 3/5/2022

  • What was you telling them? What was you telling me?… You just be talkin… (Summer Walker)
  • The person on the Euphoria finale who said “that’s racist” at Cassie talking about Afghanistan… that’s me in real life lol.
  • I am not interested in starting some married man’s car. (Charlotte, SATC)

Sunday 3/6/2022

  • Got a lot going on right now…

Monday 3/7/2022

  • Triplets of social misery: racism, militarism, and poverty (Michael Eric Dyson 77)
  • King’s Poor People’s Campaign was a hard sell, perhaps because it forced those who were used to thinking about race to also think about class, while forcing those who puzzled over economic inequality to think about race (Michael Eric Dyson 79)
  • Found an original 1958 copy of MLK’s first book Stride Toward Freedom.

Tuesday 3/8/2022

  • When the hate don’t work they start telling lies.
  • I had a great day yesterday.
  • My friend asked me what I do 2 get over a breakup… lol
  • Working out every morning is a breeze. Well M-F. Key is making the routine reasonable.
  • A powerless community, schooled to the mentality of colonial subordination, could be transformed into an organized, self-conscious active social force. (Policing the Crisis 380)

Wednesday 3/9/2022 

  • People don’t go to school cuz of money. They don’t read cuz it doesn’t seem like it’s worth their time. So my program Not School pays people to reading with a book group.
  • Has anyone ever come up with a contraption that would make holding a book open while you try to type a few lines from it on a computer less awkward? Don’t tell me to use ebooks either.
  • Found my missing parking ticket being used as a bookmark today. It was in Confessions of an Opium Eater lol.

Thursday 3/10/2022

  • Reading some Michel Foucault today.
  • Well after reading Michael Eric Dyson on MLK.
  • Now I’m here.

Friday 3/11/2022

  • Really tired of dressing for cold weather. 

Saturday 3/12/2022

  • Having an acceptable hangover—as in I’m tired but no headache.
  • Meeting a smart, sexy guy who is also decent and nice. Statistically very unlikely.
  • Most these dudes are uninspiring as hell.
  • Not interested.
  • Boundaries are all about not making exceptions for people. No you can’t do that cuz you’re my mother or my friend of a million years or or or. 
  • People will hate your boundaries and that will be uncomfortable. But discomfort is better than regret.
  • I’ve had a close friend be like well I knew you felt weird about X but I figured I was different our friendship was different and it would be okay.
  • Well it’s not.
  • I’m not getting mowed down by anyone.
  • Romantic

Sunday 3/13/2022

  • Character
  • I hate people highlighting and underlining in books. The book I’m reading now has like 10 pages that are completely underlined, minus one sentence on the page. Like please tell me how that enhanced your reading exprience? At what point could you have just put a star in the corner to remind you which page you like?
  • I got the book for cheap tho and I need it for this paper I’m writing, but those pages are impossible to comprehend. The underlining is so attrocious and distracting.

Monday 3/14/2022

  • Running around
  • Burrito levels are low
  • Why does everyone in this Target have on pajamas?
  • Randomly remembering that I’m completely responsible for me and my son’s lives. Like it is all on me.

Tuesday 3/15/2022

  • Ending class and immediately self-harming online cuz I’m a masochist.
  • Some days I’m too sad to post.

Wednesday 3/16/2022

  • Idk

Thursday 3/17/2022

  • The Statue of Liberty really doesn’t say RSVP

Friday 3/18/2022

  • On a winding path
  • There are two kinds of people. People on my team or losers. (Kanye)
  • Guy at the corner store said I look beautiful today in case you were wondering.
  • Finishing this grading then idk who SHU is until Monday afternoon.
  • That won’t be necessary.

Saturday 3/19/2022

  • Writing this grant. Ya’ll pray for me.

Sunday 3/20/2022

  • If I speak…

Monday 3/21/2022

  • I used to. Love you. Used toooo love youuuu. But I don’t. Love you. I don’tttt love youuuuuuuu.
  • Damn right it’s better than yours (Kelis)
  • Having a weird day/life
  • Prison ‘reform’ is virtually contemporary with the prison itself: it constitiutes, as it were, it’s programme. From the outset., the prison was caught up in a series of accompanying mechanisms, whose purpose was apparently to correct it, but which seem to form part of its very functioning, so closely have they been bound up with its existence throughout its long history. (Michel Foucault 234)
  • Is it surprising that the cellular prison with its regular chronologies, forced labour, its authorities of surveillance and registration, its experts in normality; who continue and multiply the functions of the judge, should have become a modern instrument of penalty? Is it surprising that prisons resemble factories, schools, barracks, hospitals, which all resemble prisons? (Michel Foucault 327-8)

Tuesday 3/22/2022

  • I love people who are obsessed with their work.

Wednesday 3/23/2022

  • This is a 112 Stan account.
  • Currently obsessed with “Can I Touch You.”

Thursday 3/24/2022

  • Life is crazy.
  • Bitches lookin at me strange but you know I don’t care. Step up in this mf just a-swingin my hair (Snoop Dogg)
  • That’s cute… 4 you
  • Anybody on here ever been to Birmingham?
  • “Stop being mean”
  • Pressure’s on but guess who ain’t gonna crack (JayZ)
  • When I meet you around the corner, you make me feel like a sweepstakes winner (Bob Marley)
  • Got gluten free pretzels by accident :/

Friday 3/25/2022

  • Three terms (police-prison-deliquency) support one another and form a circuit that is never interrupted. Police surveillance provides the prison with offenders, which the prison transforms into delinquents, the targets and auxiliaries of police supervisions, which regularly send back a certain number of them to prison. (Michel Foucault 282)
  • The delinquent is an institutional product (Michel Foucault 301)
  • (Come hitheringly.)

Saturday 3/26/2022

  • Should start doing open mics again.
  • Read a good play this morning. Well started it last night but ya know. It’s called Street Theater. Loved it.
  • Just watched this 20 min video about a girl who gets killed by her husband. They were popular on social media and then he turned kinda crazy, even online. Doing coke and drinking. Then he goes in her house after bugging the kid’s iPad with a listening app and kills her and her friend on the couch.
  • Yes they had a young kid too. Smh.

Sunday 3/27/2022

  • Now reading Brick City Blues, which I found at a bookstore but is impossible to find online.
  • Ironically the only other book with that title is a pro-cop novel set in Newark written by a doctor *throwing up emoji*
  • well if you didn’t notice we in brick city something always seems to happen (Marsha Jones 23)

Monday 3/28/2022

  • Red rage
  • Dudes don’t wanna go hard for me but then are like damn why you not going hard for me? Like really I don’t care if we get together–what’s not clicking?? If you want me you know what to do. People know what to do. Save all the other stuff.
  • Where the gentlemen at??
  • Imagine being done with your conference paper.
  • I’m presenting a paper this week in Birmingham. I’m on a panel called “Prophets, Criminals, and Capitalists.”
  • Graded two classes of rough drafts today like a sucker.

Tuesday 3/29/2022

  • “When you gonna let me take you on a date??”
    Boy bye
  • Not entertained
  • Had a flat tire today & this dude had it changed in ten minutes flat lol. Nice.
  • Decent, affordable housing should be a basic right for everybody in this country. The reason is simple: without stable shelter, everything else falls apart. (Matthew Desmond 300)
  • We supposed to just sit here go broke and die? Starving?? Mfs crazy than a mf. (Tupac)

Wednesday 3/30/2022

  • Currently stressing over this paper. No big deal (actually it is a big deal).

Thursday 3/31/2022

  • First thing I did out here after arriving—take a shower and walk to go get a catfish sandwich.
  • Now let me work on this paper some more. Presenting tomorrow morning.

-Rachel Wagner

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