Read this book the other night randomly because I was sad, and it helped. Well actually I picked it out at a booksale because I wondered what her steps are (I have my own). That plus being sad about a guy that second was like, ok let me get this real quick.

Suzanne Yalof is 30 and dating this guy who seems great, has money, is attentive and available and all that. Then he starts doing lil weird stuff and eventually they break up. She’s devastated thinking she was finally done looking for a guy and has to re-learn that she is a person of her own.

So she flushes his letters, stops shaving her legs, goes on dates with guys from her past–and writes this book. You can see where she gets the idea (after complaining too much to friends), and you can tell that this book was written in the middle of it all. She’s still hurt but is pushing through, seeing clearer who the guy is and who she is.

Best line: How could the man I thought was so wonderful be so tacky? (73)

-Rachel Wagner

This book is kinda similar to my books–short, personal, fun to read. Click here to view them on Ten Dollar Books.

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