Just Read HELL GIRL by Miyuki Eto

Got this because I like the title. I thought it was going to follow Hell Girl around the whole book, but really she follows up with other people’s situations instead. Like a girl is getting harassed or a business is being sabotaged, then that person logs onto Hell Girl’s website to request her to help them get their revenge. So she comes and kills the person in a way that reflects what they did wrong and the other person just has to agree that they’ll go to hell too after they die. That’s the payoff.

Hell Girl kinda reminded me of Deathnote in that way. People playing with life and death–deciding who dies and actively killing them. But here there’s a lot less thought going into everything. Like these people are fuming mad and maybe are justified but not necessarily prepared for hell themselves at that moment. I guess that’s what makes this more fiery and more like Hell Girl herself is the cursed one who has to be the one to take action for everyone. Kinda sad.

Best line: Life is more important to me than what happens after death. (Miyuki Eto)

-Rachel Wagner

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