Just Read PART OF MY SOUL WENT WITH HIM by Winnie Mandela

Got this book for a dollar at the beach.

Part of My Soul Went with Him is basically a memoir–a compilation of memories and letters and notes from friends. Together they explain how Winnie Mandela met Nelson Mandela, what their life together was like, and how things have been since he got locked up with a life sentence.

What I loved most is her, her style, how she acts. Like Winnie Mandela is anti-apartheid, obviously, but she is very physically against it. Like if a store wouldn’t allow black people to come in and shop (they’d just bring a dress to the door for you to look at), she would just push through and cause a scene. If the police threatened to lock her up, she’d be like okay so do it.

Mandela admits that she grew into that attitude, and that adjustment is important I think. She didn’t get to hang around her husband much, but as his wife she was getting arrested and banned and followed. Police just walking right in her house. Not allowed to talk to family. Letters from prison that could only be about family matters. Crazy inhumane conditions in the prisons themselves. Getting visits from the kids. With all that, yea, you have to push through.

Best line: The South Africa of tomorrow that I’m fighting for will include that white child who has been so brave defying his Broederbond parents and shouting the slogans of my movement on the campus. I can’t ignore him. He is part of us. (Winnie Mandela 118)

-Rachel Wagner

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