Just Read HOW TO BE SINGLE AND HAPPY by Jennifer L. Taitz

I saw this title on the shelf at my school’s library. How to be Single and Happy. I almost put it back because I’m like well I’m good so I don’t really need this, but then I decided to grab it because I read the first page and it sounded very familiar: a woman in her thirties saying how she’s the only single one of her friends and that dating was hopeless at this point.

I mean yea because before adulthood, it seems automatic that you’ll be with someone for real one day. Then time goes on and it turns out it’s not that simple. The main point of How to be Single and Happy is that being in a relationship won’t magically make you happy. A lot of people in relationships are unhappy and a lot of single people are fine. There is no one formula or one way and there’s no need to rush into something or mope around about nothing.

Instead, you have to just live your life anyway–and that sucks at first. This is really a lesson about boundaries and self-soothing. Jennifer Taitz does suggest you find things you like to do and do them. Go out of your way to be nice to others (in mind and in action), and speak up for yourself. Those techniques are familiar to me and do work. Right now, I’m not down and out like I once was. In comparison to being in a not-good-enough relationship, I’m doing great. Reading this book helped remind me of that.

Best line: “You don’t have to wait for a lover (or anything), to improve your life” (Jennifer Taitz 138)


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