photo by Rokarazzi

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Abandonment Issues is a collection of prose and photography about life in New Jersey. It’s a space narrative where the state is its own character. The pieces look at empty buildings, changes in the landscape, and garbage on the street to understand one’s state of existing somewhere between entrapment and admiration.

Chapter list:

  • Abandonment Issues
  • Okay Snowbunny
  • Cop Culture
  • Of Course Jersey is Dirty
  • Memorializing
  • Budgeting Down the Hill
  • Spare Parts or Driving a Honda
  • The Early Evolution of Yellow Park
  • So You Want to be a Newark Cat
  • Open Doors
  • That One Highway Intersection
  • Apartment Windows
  • Politeness at Seton Hall
  • The Linkin Park Music Festival and the New Curfew
  • Tales of the Corner Store
  • From Cranford
  • Ode to Third and Vine

Prose by Rachel Wagner

Rachel is a writer from New Jersey. She wrote Back Like I Never Left, a collection of stories about dating as a single mother and teaches at Seton Hall University. She lives in Newark with her son.

Photography by Rokarazzi

Rokarazzi is a photographer from Irvington, New Jersey and lives there with his daughter. He’s on IG @Rokarazzi