Read or Die

This blog is all about the books I’m reading.

SONG OF SOLOMON by Toni Morrison

This book is so good. You can pick up anything by Toni Morrison and know it’s good. Song of Solomon follows around Milkman, who is trying to find his way. He’s born into a family that has some money–his dad is a landlord. Quiet mom, two quiet sisters. All that would be pretty ordinary if […]

IN LOVE & TROUBLE by Alice Walker

Love the title. Love the cover art. In Love & Trouble is a collection of short stories by Alice Walker. They’re sad and smart and sometimes sinister. Like in “Really, Doesn’t Crime Pay?” a woman takes a chance with this guy. Sleeps with him and shares her writing with him. It’s very intimate even tho […]


Love the title of this book. Had to get it. The City in Which I Love You tells a full family story. The Li-Young Lee as a child moving around with his parents as political refugees. Then eventually landing in the U.S. and having his own family here too. There’s a lot of uncertainty and […]

A PROJECT CHICK by Nikki Turner

Loved this book. Easy reading, fully developed characters (even side characters get a complete backstory). From title you’d think that the girl is from the projects as in grew up there, but really she’s someone who leaves her abusive baby dad and moves to the projects because it’s all she can afford. A Project Chick […]

WHY WE CAN’T WAIT by Martin Luther King Jr.

Why We Can’t Wait is Martin Luther King Jr.’s second book. His first book Stride Toward Freedom follows his work with the bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama. This one is about his perspective of 1963 in Birmingham. That’s the year King led the civil rights movement (he calls it the “Negro Revolution”) which would end […]


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