Read or Die

This blog is all about the books I’m reading.

ANGRY QUEER SOMALI BOY by Mohamed Abdulkarim Ali

This is a really great, small, messy memoir about displacement and family and corporeality. Angry Queer Somali Boy tells Mohamed Abdulkarim Ali’s life story. He’s torn from his birth country and birth mother and placed in the care of his father’s new wife who is abusive as hell. They move out of Somali (without his […]


Found this book at my school’s library and I’m glad I did because I probably never would have known about it otherwise. Cool title and great storyline. Falling Felines and Fundamental Physics explains how science has dealt with the topic of cats always landing on their feet. The first main thing that had to happen […]

INTIMATIONS by Zadie Smith

I read this book because I love Zadie Smith, and I liked that it was written during the original quarantine. That time was such a blur. It doesn’t seem that long ago but now it’s been almost two years, so it’s interesting to look back at it from her perspective as a Londoner in teaching […]

Bound Brook street fair 9/25/21

Ten Dollar Books will be IRL at the Boundbrook street fair next Saturday 9/25 from 11am-5pm. It’s an outside event located at 350 East Main Street, Bound Brook, NJ 08805. I’ll have all the books out there and you can sift through to find something to read. How the store is set up is that […]


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