I’m from New Jersey, currently living in Newark.

I write mostly non-fiction. I have stuff on sex & relationships, the prison industrial complex, and family life. I also teach at Seton Hall University.

I have a book coming out soon called FEM: New Millennium Beauty & Fashion. That book looks at femininity to understand life. So like Spice Girls, breast feeding, and waking up in stockings.

I have two non-fiction books out already tho–Abandonment Issues: Alive in New Jersey (color version) and Back Like I Never Left: Dating as a Single Mother.

These are some poems: “Life After Prison,” “You Have a Pre-Paid Call,” “Pregnant in Grad School,” “Dirty Money,” “Carrie’s Blood,” “Paying 4 It,” “Repeat Visitor,” “Off the Menu.” More on YouTube.

These are prose: policing coronavirus, Crime & Punishment, Trayvon & viral videos, dogs at jail visitation, JPay & romance, 2Pac’s paranoia, dating 4 money, solo travel & poetry, R.Kelly & Lolita, policing as violence, environmental rights, boredom in Lil Wayne’s jail journal, displacement via imprisonment, reading & writing academic texts, rereading.

Other publications are here.

Blog is here.