photo by Tiffanie Wagner

I’m from New Jersey. I grew up in Cranford and have been bouncing back and forth between Elizabeth and Newark for a while. I’m currently living in Newark with my son.

I write about my life–books, motherhood, dating, academia, etc. I have a book blog (basically) on this site that’s just my first thoughts after reading each book–quick stuff. I also write narrative (non)fiction (x). I’m an art and culture columnist at Brick City Live (xxx), and I do freelance writing for some other magazines (xxx).

I’m also a writing instructor (x) and tutor (x) at Seton Hall University. I did my master’s thesis on sex and the stage in Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure (x). My current scholarly projects include an analysis of Lil Wayne jail journal and witchy and post-baby bodies in literature. Both of those are being presented next month at different conferences, and the Lil Wayne one is going to be a chapter of a book about diaries as literature.

gmail: rpatricewagner
ig: @rachelwagner_