I’m from NJ — grew up in Cranford, been bouncing back and forth between Elizabeth and Newark for a while. I’m currently living in Newark with my son.

I teach first-year writing at Seton Hall University. I double-majored in psychology and English literature in undergrad, and I did my masters in English literature. My thesis was on off-stage secret sex in Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure.

I have a few scholarly projects going on right now. One is on Lil Wayne’s jail journal as literature that’s going to be a chapter of a book. Another is on women’s pubic hair in popular culture. And a third is on witchy, post-baby bodies in Elisa Albert’s After Birth. I also have an essay on policing and sexual assault in Sister Souljah’s The Coldest Winter Ever that’s forthcoming in the HJAAPP.

I do other kinds of writing too. I write an art and culture column for Brick City Live as well as poetry and stories that revolve around topics like motherhood, higher education, the prison industrial complex, and dating. Sometimes I read poems/stories out loud at open mics.