I’ve lived in New Jersey my whole life. I grew up in Cranford and have been bouncing back and forth between Elizabeth and Newark for a while. I’m currently living in Newark with my son.

I have my hands in a few different projects right now, but I write different kinds of things–personal stuff, art and culture essays, literary scholarship.

I write narrative non-fiction/prose poetry. They cover topics like motherhood, higher education, dating, and the prison industrial complex. I’m trying to figure out how to put those out now. Sometimes I read them at open mics.

I write art and culture essays for Brick City Live. I’ve also written freelance pieces for other magazines about things like teaching, tutoring, reading, and dating.

I’m also a writing instructor and tutor at Seton Hall University. In grad school, I did my thesis on sex and the stage in William Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure. Current scholarly projects include a linguistic analysis of Lil Wayne’s jail journal (this is also the chapter of a forthcoming book on the diary in literature) and a reading of witchy, post-baby bodies in literature (trying to get it published).

gmail: rpatricewagner
ig: @rachelwagner_