EDUCATED by Tara Westover

This was the freshman summer reading book at my school this year (yes I only just read it, yes school started Monday).

It was good. A little wordy. Her family fuckin sucks (kinda reminded me of Jeanette Walls’s The Glass Castle–another book about a family avoiding “the government” led by a dumbass dad). But the abuse and isolation happening in Westover’s house is over the top. I feel so bad for her brother’s wife. She’s probably the saddest person there–someone who joined the family specifically through their physically abusive brother. Someone who still believes in his prophecy shit.

I think my favorite parts were when she was doing her college stuff, especially undergrad. She didn’t take showers often enough or clean up after herself as a roommate. She was really struggling to get through lol. Her PhD process was cool too. Another book with a good school story is Old in Art School by Nell Painter.

P.S. I have a book out that’s about dating as a single mother. It’s available here and here and in person if you’re located near me in New Jersey.

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