THE WEDDING PARTY by Jasmine Guillory

Guillory’s books are very quaint. They’re traditional romance novels but are made to be very contemporary (set in Berkeley, all the characters are professional people, etc.). This book starts out with a moment just like in Pride and Prejudice where two people have an off first encounter (in P&P Darcy basically calls Lizzy ugly; in this book the dude talks shit about her job as a stylist) that looms over them the rest of the book. Difference is that in this book, they become secret fuck buddies.

So that’s a cool twist, except for the fact that the dude is great. Why would you make this pact with him to hide that you guys are fuckin lol? Liiiike he didn’t know what a stylist was or that they existed before you said it. Big deal. He’s successful, smart, responsible, not a party guy, not a hoe, etc. And somehow this chick found ways to be fake-annoyed by him. Bro makes margarita’s from scratch (like boiling water and sugar together first), and she acts as if he’s a dork. No, you’re just dumb and ungrateful.

And the other thing is that their big pact of secrecy is to hide everything from their mutual friend who just got engaged because she’ll think they’re a perfect couple (somehow that’s a big deal?). They agree that they’ll just fuck (no dates but also no other partners?) until her wedding comes, but whooooooo has time for that?? To really plan out a year or so of just fuckin one person in private? How lame does it get. They just sneak text all the time and eat hella pizza together on each other’s couches. CANNOT RELATE.

But despite some logical things I didn’t like, it was a cute, readable book that I didn’t want to put down.

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