GIRLS LIKE US by Rachel Lloyd

Lloyd’s personal story is sad as hell. I couldn’t stop reading. It kept me in a lull the night and morning I read it.

Something that stuck me most was the ways that the girls think they made a choice to be a part of this lifestyle. Even if they were twenty-two now, they thought they made a choice ten years ago to be sexually abused. My students just had to do a diagnostic that responded to an article about poverty. The question was if it was poor people’s fault for being poor. The writer interviewed homeless people as evidence for them knowing it’s at least sort of their fault because they’d admit they made bad choices. I thought it was so irresponsible to use evidence/interviewing that way. That wasn’t sincere. Lloyd models analyzing their dialogue by recognizing signs of trauma. People need patience and space and time to unlearn personal guilt for systematic social problems. Political identity alone doesn’t mean political savvy.

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