Wrote about NJ’s first non-weather related state of emergency for Fck Prison

Following nine other U.S. states, New Jersey has declared a state of emergency. At least 11 people in New Jersey have tested positive for coronavirus, with dozens of others waiting for results. There haven’t been any deaths in New Jersey or in neighboring states like New York or Pennsylvania, however, 22 people have died in the U.S. from the virus.

The point of declaring a state of emergency is to increase federal resources for the state and is usually reserved for weather-related incidents. It speeds up the process of accessing resources too. Price gouging laws are also in effect, which stops businesses from raising prices above 10%. People have already been encouraged to cancel events and to work from home, if possible.

School districts still decide for themselves about closing, which many did on Monday. Several are also preparing for virtual classrooms, including Princeton University. Across the state, jail and prison visitations have mostly been suspended, and people being processed in are being screened first for the virus.

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