HIS OWN WHERE by June Jordan

This is a short, poetic novel about a guy losing his father to a car accident and a girl losing her parents to their own lil drama. The two of them meet at the hospital where he’s visiting his dad and she’s visiting her mom, who is a nurse there. The two of them share a sweet and sad teenage love. She gets kicked out, and he comes up with a plan to house her. The book ends while they still have a lot of life ahead of them. Like they’re together, yes, but they’re still sneaking around because she had to escape a shelter to be there with him and he had to abandon his unconscious dad at the hospital to be there with her. They’re just so young, but hey that’s life.

Best line: They make some love and then they fall asleep. Next morning they legs be tangle together. -June Jordan

-Rachel Wagner

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