Found this book in this used bookstore on a day that I was super depressed. This was one of three books I got that day–also got a recipe book from New Mexico and a poetry book about the LA riots.

Anyway Fasterpussycats: Live Girls: After Hours is a collection of lesbian sex stories. So like there’s stuff about public fetish clubs and sleeping with friends and experimenting with non-monogamy. It’s sexual exploration as identity building. What you like, what you’ve never had, what you’re familiar with. Touching, penetrating, stroking. One by one, each narrator is figuring themselves out by figuring someone else out (and/or by being figured out). It’s cool because the structure of the book is literally orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. These chapters are all only a few pages long. All those climaxes melt into each other as you go. Satisfaction is normal, expected. It’s great.

Best line: “It isn’t unusual for me to be alone” (Kristen E. Porter 15).


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