THE IMPROVISED WOMAN by Marcelle Clements

Marcelle Clements writes about the life of single women in the 90’s, but each chapter leans on interview answers she got from other single women. Like it’ll be a few pages from her perspective about breaking up or allegedly non-traditional family units or what it’s like to live alone or whatever. Then she has like idk 40 responses from maybe 20 women per chapter all talking about that same topic in some way.

Anyway at first it was annoying and then I got into that rhythm and liked reading the book a lot. I think what makes the plot so good is that is straight feelings–no voices or faces. You just read some snippets from people all navigating through some familiar territory–knowing that being single is better than being in a miserable or even mediocre relationship. Especially after being married or having a kid, settling seems extra lame.

-Rachel Wagner 2020


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