Togame is mad funny and blunt and sweet. This book is all about her and her husband’s problems trying to get pregnant. They both want kids, but her husband doesn’t really want to have sex. They go through a whole year of sexlessness, and that whole time Togame is really suffering. She tries dressing up and loosing weight and begging and overeating and working out and everything else she can think of, all to no avail. She’s even tempted to cheat but doesn’t really want to do that either.

It’s all super relatable and something that a lot of people go through–and that goes for people who don’t want to fuck and people who desperately do. Eventually, she realizes that she wasn’t really understanding his side of things either. He felt anxious about work and wanted to only relax at home without feeling obligated to someone else’s desires. And it was only when both of them opened up and said how they really felt that things turned around.

Best line: “Sitting in a stylish café… having a fancy desert… I can suppress my sexual cravings in peace.”

-Rachel Wagner 2021

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  1. Wowzers! Who knew?!?! I can definitely relate to this. I wonder if my life will imitate this art. lol
    Kudos Rachel!!!


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